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John McCollum

My passion for hunting started on my first bear tree with my uncle when I was 4 years old. Over the years of hunting the beautiful southern Oregon coast I refined my hunting skills in what everyone calls the rainforest of Oregon.


One day between jobs I asked myself what I wanted to do? and from a box of 250 business cards and 500 brochures! Eden Ridge Outfitters has grown to become what it is today over the last 20 years.


With over 45 guides thru out the state of Oregon there isn’t a hunt too small or too big. All of our team members are local to the area they help us serve and have vast local knowledge of the areas and animals they pursue.


Eden Ridge Outfitters has taken from the average deer hunter all the way to the Auction Bighorn Sheep hunter. Our team has taken some of the most famous big game hunters in the hunting world.  We strive to make every hunt a memorable experience for every hunter.

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